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Brew Treats

A bit like our coffee, we aim to sell quality and where possible, locally produced food.

Our pastries come from a local organic bakery in Baldoyle called Tartine – all pastries are delivered fresh daily, 7 days a week. We have a range of pastries that can differ day to day depending on what the bakery produces but we always have the old reliables such as Pan Au Raisin, Croissants, Almond Croissants, Pan au Chocholat.

Our amazing Lemon Drizzle cake, chocolate brownies and our mars bar Rice Krispie slices are all made by a local lady, Jackie, and they are delivered fresh every couple of days. They are amazing…

We also have loads of other treats such as doughnuts, cookies, mini muffins, caramel slices.


Gluten Free or Vegan?? No problem, we have a range of GF and Dairy Free treats from Korina Bakery -flapjacks or energy balls (peanut & coconut or rolled oats & dark chocolate). All products are made using organic ingredients.

Hot Food

Are you looking for some lunch or hot food?? No problem, we have unbelievable Sausage Rolls that we get from The Pieman – we have a choice of Bacon & Ballymaloe, Pear & Black Pudding or a Vegan option of Mushroom & Pearl Barley.

Or how about a sambo?? We get freshly made sambos delivered daily, Mon-Sat from Greenville Deli. Again, these can be toasted if you like!


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